I've been featured in/written for:
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Palermo Today (television interview, offline)

Talks and workshops I've given:
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The Future of Remote Work (Panel)
Freedom X Fest, Spain, 2018
Five Emerging Technologies to Get Excited About
Freedom X Fest, Spain, 2018
How to Grow Your Instagram Audience
PMO Coworking, Palermo, 2017
Branding 101: The Fundamentals of Logo Design
Residencia Coworking, Lima, 2017
The History of the Welsh in Patagonia
Startup Meets Nomad (co-organiser), Buenos Aires, 2017
Language Sandwich: The Importance of Keeping the Local Lingo Alive
Hubud, Bali, 2016
An Introduction to Digital Nomadism
J-Space, Jeju, 2016
The Evolution of Content
Porto.io, Porto, 2016
San Francisco Says You Can: Applying Silicon Valley Strategies in Wales
Design Stuff, Cardiff, 2015
Fifty Shades of Green, Grey... or Maybe Pink? A Lowdown on Colour Blindess
Ignite, Cardiff, 2014